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ID: 106064712 | SKU: 1000140200

With Rovus Multipurpose steam station 19in1 Accessory Set you will defy any cleaning task. To achieve optimal results while steaming, these easily attachable accessories are the perfect solution.
9,99 €
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Different cleaning tools for different type of stains and dirt

Brushes in the set are designed for cleaning corners, all those difficult to reach areas and versatile surfaces whereas cloths, also included in the set enable you to clean different types of hard floor surfaces with its material composition specially made to remove dirt thus leaving your areas unscathed.

Rovus Multipurpose steam station 19in1 Accessory Set has this covered. With added 4 brushes for stubborn stains and dirt removal and 2 replacement cloths for all surfaces, you can be sure that no matter how big or tough the mess is, you will always have a fast and effective solution.

  • 1 small and 1 bigger brush for all purpose cleaning
  • 1 small and 1 bigger brush for thorough deep and intensive cleaning
  • 1 cloth for different surfaces for floor mopping
  • 1 cloth for hand steaming

With this accessory set you are always ready for any cleaning challenge at any time. It enables you to get the best results possible by using brushes or cloths, specifically made of high quality materials that provide your surfaces with the best care. Make sure that you use different brushes in different situations, for general or intensive clean.

Included additional floor cloth will remove any kind of dirt while leaving your surfaces without scratches and shiny. Using them with Rovus Multipurpose steam station 19in1 that works with hot but dry steam is the optimal cleaning solution for all your hard floor.

Plastic brushes for gentle scrubbing and wire brushes for persistant stains

Plastic brushes are uniquely shaped and perfect for gentle but effective scrubbing of stains from carpet, clothing, furniture and difficult to reach areas. Wire brushes are especially ideal for tougher, persistent and greasy stains indoor or outdoor - for more intensive and deeper clean. With increasing the cleaning power into a jet of steam these brushes provide best cleaning results.

2 microfiber cloths for floor mopping and hand steaming

Efficiently remove dirt and grease with replaceable and washable cloths always at your hand. Perfect for protecting delicate floors, surfaces and removing scuffs and stains. Having an extra cloth for floors and hand steaming is especially convenient for cleaning larger quantities of surfaces or a bigger mess.

Environmental friendly cleaning

This easy to use and multifunctional set provides meticulously clean surroundings for you and your family. Considering the fact that you can only clean with water means that you are environmentally conscious thus providing best care for your home.


Set includes:

  • 1pc small brush for all purpose cleaning
  • 1pc large brush for all purpose cleaning
  • 1pc small brush for thorough deep and intensive cleaning
  • 1pc large brush for thorough deep and intensive cleaning
  • 1pc floor mopping cloth
  • 1pc cloth for hand steaming

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